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SÖÖR is a high quality hand crafted wooden bow tie from Finland. All the designs are by Hermanni Vuorisalo and the production is made completely in Turku, Finland.

 Each and every bow tie is unique and numbered and comes with a seal of authenticity. The fabric that ties together the bow and the ribbon is recycled. 

Among its sources are local tailors, from whom I have received patches of some of the finest tissues in the world. The ribbon is skillfully woven cotton from Haapamäki, Central Finland.

 I’m constantly on the lookout for fabrics and materials to keep my bow ties unique.
The bone glue used to put together the bow ties comes from an antique shop in Jokela, Finland. 

There it ended up already in the 1950’s. The glue is made of organically grown cow’s bones that were slaughtered in Riihimäki, Finland.
All bow ties come in a box made of heat-treated Finnish birch tree. The box is naturally self made too.

Hermanni Vuorisalo

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