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Summer is finally here and so is our new website. It is our privilege to share with you Hermandia.com, a new and improved destination for you, our dear client.

What is new then, you might ask?

What we have been working so hard on in the past few months is to improve your experience on our site. We want your shopping experience to be as smooth as possible. We have a new our new journal section, that you are reading now, so we can show more behind the scene moments, talk more about our sustainability journey with you and to share news in regard to what HERMANDIA is up to and provide information about any of our events that we will attend or will host for you in the future, when we get past this Covid-19 lockdowns.

Design your own SÖÖR

One of the most exciting functions we have here in our new universe is SÖÖR neckwear design tool. So you can be as unique as nature intended you to be. Designing your own unique neckwear is easy: 1. Pick the wood type you like 2. Pick the shape of your neckwear 3. Pick the fabric. You are literally, three easy steps away from unique neckwear!

If you are looking for a lifelong present for someone, personalised neckwear is your choice. With the design tool, not only can you design the piece yourself but you can add personalised engraving on the box, or choose a matching earring set from the same wood, as your neckwear was made, for you special someone.

Design your own SÖÖR neckwear

SÖÖR stands for the most important people in our lives: family and friends.

HERMANDIA was founded in 2016 by the head Rusetöör Hermanni Vuorisalo. The very first SÖÖR was designed for a once in a lifetime moment in Hermanni’s life, for his own 30th birthday party! Therefore SÖÖR stands for the most important people in our lives: family and friends.

Therefore we take sustainability seriously and we take responsibility over our actions as we respect our loved ones and nature. Every HERMANDIA piece is created with detailed craftsmanship with repurposed materials in our studio in Turku, Finland. Our products stand for transparency, traceability and holistic experience.

Seuraa omaa tietäsi. Wear HERMANDIA. show what you stand for. Arvosta elämää.


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