Elias 001521

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Elias 001521
Elias 001521 Elias 001521 Elias 001521

Söör wooden bow tie. Unique and hand crafted Finnish design by Hermanni Vuorisalo

Limited amount of product
135,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %
Delivery time 4 - 7 workdays
Return time 14 days

Every SÖÖR wooden bow tie is hand crafted at Hermanni Vuorisalo’s shop in Turku, Finland. Ethics and ecology are the backbone of Hermanni’s design. No colourants, solvents or toxins are used. All bowties come in a custom made box made of heat-treated birch tree from Central Finland, also designed by Hermanni.

  Wood: Wenge

  Origin: FSC certificated, West Africa

  Fabric: 240g Worsted wool 25%, Silk 50%, Linen 25%, recycled

               Blue with white stripe

  Ribbon: cotton woven in Finland

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