SÖÖR wooden bow tie is a unique had crafted product. I only use responsibly managed wood from FSC-marked forests around the world. The wood is veneered in Hollola, Päijät-Häme, from where it’s delivered to me in Turku.

The fabrics that tie together the bow and the ribbon are recycled and come from various sources, including local tailors, upholsterers and flea markets. From tailors shops I have found small patches of some of the finest tissues in the world. Whatever the source, I always strive for the highest quality.

The ribbons are woven in Haapamäki, Central Finland and finalized in Turku. The ribbon is 100% cotton, woven in Finland.

The box I make myself of heat-treated birch tree. The wood originates in the forests of Central Finland and is planed in Helsinki.

The glue used to put the bow ties together comes from an antique workshop in Jokela, Uusimaa. The origin of the glue is organically grown cow’s bones that were slaughtered in the 1950’s.

I have also developed my own surface treatment, wherein all ingredients are nature’s own protective substances, oils and waxes, with no added solvents or other chemicals.

The DAAM earrings are made from the interior parts of the bow ties. When I started the production of the bow ties, I noticed that the leftover pieces were beautiful! I decided they deserved a new life and after some reshaping the DAAM earrings were born.