HERMANDIA Collections

“I was about to turn 30 and realised I hadn’t made any of my own products yet.
I wanted to design something for myself and the celebration.”

Hermanni Vuorisalo is a Finnish designer creating unique luxury wooden bow
ties from sustainable cut wood from all over the world with ethically chosen high - end fabrics.

HERMANDIA Collection’s handmade creations combine luxury materials with
ethical and sustainable design thinking. The Collection´s recycled fabrics come mainly from tailors
that use top quality Italian and English worsted wool and cashmere.

Each SÖÖR bow tie and the special birch package is carefully handmade in

 Special Collection bow ties are made by the artist himself with collaboration of various artists.
From the leftover wood from the bow ties, earrings are created.

“Out of one bow tie, comes one pair of earrings. For example, couples who are
getting married get a bow tie for the groom and matching earrings for the bride,
carved out from the same piece of wood.”

Every sold SÖÖR bow tie saves 4 m2 of Finnish Arctic forest. Collaboration with Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation fr.

Thank you,
Hermanni Vuorisalo